Will Work For Food

I love talking with book clubs–members are not only avid readers, they’re also wonderful cooks! As a writer, I’m always willing to work for food.

The book club I met with today included a beautiful lunch–tortellini salad with tomatoes and peppers out of our hostess’s garden. Her living room has entire walls of bookshelves. She doesn’t know yet that I’m planning to move in!

They’d read Instrument of the Devilthe first book in my Tawny Lindholm Thriller series. We had a great discussion about the vulnerability of the power grid, the erosion of privacy, and the trials of being widowed. We also spent lots of time laughing,  especially about a certain brother-in-law who reminded them of the attorney character in the book.

It’s always fascinating to hear reader reactions. One lady mentioned my book to her sister-in-law. SIL’s reaction: “Oh, I wouldn’t read a book with that title.” As an author, that makes me stop and think about the importance of first impressions–she doesn’t know the title refers to a smartphone and has nothing to do with Satan. That’s why finding the right title is always a challenge.

The club plans to read Stalking Midas, the second book in the series, and invited me back to talk about that.

On top of feeding me, they also surprised me with a gift of lovely goat’s milk soap and lotion. What a gracious group!


If you belong to a book club, I’d be happy to talk with your group. Please reach out to me on the contact page and let’s work out an appearance in person or by Skype.

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