Where Did This Idea Come From? STALKING MIDAS

Readers and book clubs often ask: “How did you get the idea for this book?” 

In response, I’ve written brief answers for each book in the Tawny Lindholm Thriller series.

Here’s the story behind Stalking Midas #2 in the series.


What is the con artist’s secret weapon? They target a victim’s vulnerabilities and emotions.

I saw an ad in a senior newspaper that asked: Who will care for your pets if something happens to you?

That made me wonder: What if a con artist preyed on the love that seniors have for their pets?

The glamorous villain in Stalking Midas takes advantage of a wealthy man who’s estranged from his family but adores his cats. She convinces him to invest in a luxury pet sanctuary to care for them after he dies. Only problem–the sanctuary doesn’t exist.

Stalking Midas delves into elder fraud, a growing crime that threatens parents, grandparents, friends, and maybe even you!

Stalking Midas is available at Amazon and major online retailers. Or ask your favorite independent bookstore to order it for you.




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