Where Did This Idea Come From? – FLIGHT TO FOREVER

FLIGHT TO FOREVER#6 in the Tawny Lindholm Thriller Series

The setting is a fire lookout tower in Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness. An amazing number of readers visited towers when they were kids, worked as lookouts, or had family members who’d been lookouts. All share fond memories. 

The story was sparked by a friend who is a Korean war veteran, married for more than 70 years. When declining health forced his wife into assisted living, he visited every day…until he wasn’t allowed to because of pandemic regulations. Every time we talked, the blue eyes of this tough, old veteran filled with tears.

Variations of their plight echo around the world with loved ones separated from each other.

Pandemic regulations meant to protect physical health instead destroyed mental and psychological health.

Flight to Forever is a thriller but also a story of abiding love. It was the hardest book I’ve written yet, in many ways, the story told itself. 

Flight to Forever is available on Amazon and major online retailers. Or ask your favorite independent bookstore to order it.

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  1. Mary Ellen Gosman says:

    We love all your books, but this is our very favorite. Thank you SO much for telling us the origins ! We agree on every one of your points. God bless, Wonderful Lady.

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