Where Did This Idea Come From – EYES IN THE SKY

EYES IN THE SKY#3 in the Tawny Lindholm Thriller series. 

When you see stunning aerial views in movies, a drone probably shot the footage. After I watched one in action during a friend’s film production, the concept fascinated me. Drones scan traffic, monitor crowds, and give a bird’s eye view of natural disasters.

Or…for a thriller writer, drones can be weapons used by bad guys. Adversaries of attorney Tillman Rosenbaum have Eyes in the Sky watching his every move. They know when he’s not around to protect his children. That’s when they strike.

Can Tawny Lindholm save the kids and herself from an enemy who knows all and sees all?

EYES IN THE SKY is available at Amazon and major online retailers. Or ask your favorite independent bookstore to order it.

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