UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, book #7 in the Tawny Lindholm Thriller series, is published.

I interrupt this post for an important announcement:

Today, March 24, is launch day for Until Proven Guilty. It’s also National Murphy’s Law Month (actually I’m making that up). For the past few weeks, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong with technology glitches, delays, etc.

But…there’s always someone with worse luck. 

A widowed friend is a walking medical textbook of health problems, including cancer, early dementia, osteoporosis. Yesterday, in a shopping center parking lot, she was knocked over and broke her hip. I spent hours in the ER with her, as she cried in pain and despair. She has no family nearby. She faces surgery she may not survive. Even if she does, her future is bleak.

When I got home from the hospital last night, the sale link for Until Proven Guilty was not working properly. Today, it’s still wonky and I’m in touch with tech support.

But…when I think of my friend, I’m gobsmacked at how lucky I am that glitches are my biggest problem. 

I’m following my lifelong dream of writing and now have seven published books. Best of all, loyal readers encourage and support me. For that and more, today I’m full of gratitude. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post…

Investigator Tawny Lindholm and attorney Tillman Rosenbaum embark on their latest adventure where answers are tougher to untangle than the strands of DNA weaving through three interrelated stories.

After a rapist walks free on a technicality, Tawny and Tillman argue. She believes in justice for the victim. He believes in the law even if it protects the guilty.  Then the rapist strikes again, triggering a crisis in their marriage.

In another case, Tawny and Tillman seek new DNA evidence to free a man who wrongly spent years in prison for molesting his little girl. But dredging up old secrets puts the daughter in new peril. Can Tawny and Tillman identify the real abuser and protect the child?

Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger shows up, claiming to be the son of Tawny’s beloved late husband. She is forced to question her rock-solid first marriage. But doubt turns to terror when unimaginable danger threatens her family.

To buy UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, please click on these links (that I hope are now working!):

Amazon     Other online booksellers

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  1. Debbie Burke says:

    So appreciate your support, Kay! Looking forward to hearing what you think.

  2. Kay DiBianca says:

    Until Proven Guilty sounds fascinating. I grabbed my copy right away and I can’t wait to dive in. (I’m on Tawny’s side about the bad guy walking free.)

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