The Kill Zone Blog Wins Award

For fans and writers of the mystery/suspense/thriller genre, The Kill Zone is a terrific online hangout. Eleven bestselling authors rotate daily posts. The archives add up to a master course in crime writing.

You never know what surprises you’ll find at TKZ.  Sue Coletta described allowing herself to be sealed in a metal barrel to research how her fictional victim would feel; Joe Hartlaub recounted his meeting with the legendary Fats Domino; John Gilstrap gave me chills when he wrote about his visit at age 18 to the National Archives where he held Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle.

TKZ also offers an amazing opportunity for writers to anonymously submit their first page (400 words) for critique by one of the regulars, plus feedback from the community. This feature is free but priceless.

After writing a few guest posts for TKZ, I was recently invited to be a regular contributor. I feel like the little kid who’s been allowed to climb up in the big kids’ tree house. I only hope I can live up to the consistently high standard set by these great professionals.

Year after year, TKZ places among the best writing blogs. The latest award is from naming TKZ in their Top 50 Writing Blogs. Congratulations, The Kill Zone!


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