Summer Sale

Grab a cold drink and a hot thriller for your summer reading pleasure. 

Instrument of the Devil is on sale for 99 cents from July 7th to July 14th. Winner of the Zebulon Award and the Kindle Scout contest.

After her husband’s death, Tawny Lindholm isn’t looking for romance but it finds her when she meets Kahlil Sharivar, a charismatic psychologist with the charm and good looks of Omar Sharif.

Embarrassed by her dyslexia and intimidated by technology, Tawny welcomes Kahlil’s help with her troublesome new smartphone. She doesn’t know he is actually a terrorist intent on destroying the electric grid starting at Montana’s Hungry Horse Dam where she’s a trusted employee. While he woos her, he’s in fact implicating her in his treacherous cyberattack using her smartphone as the trigger.

With her freedom and family in danger, Tawny’s survival depends on raw courage. But is that enough to save her?

Once you read Instrument of the Devil, you may never trust your smartphone again.

Buy the ebook for only 99 cents from July 7th to 14th. Here’s the link

Read it before the lights go out!  

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