Stalking Midas

Stalking Midas

Tawny Lindholm Thriller #2

Steal their hearts, then their money.

A predator stealthier than a mountain lion is stalking the residents of a Montana golf community. Investigator Tawny Lindholm suspects her boss’s estranged father is the victim of elder fraud. But cranky Moe Rosenbaum refuses to cooperate. While digging into his secrets, Tawny uncovers a cruel scam reaching deep into the pockets of his neighbors. Is Moe the victim or the villain?

The closer Tawny gets to the truth, the greater her risk, because this predator has killed before and each time gets easier.

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What Readers Are Saying about Stalking Midas:

Stalking Midas is strong on characterization and witty banter with a chilling villain in a ripped from the headlines compelling plot. A real page turner.” – Jordan Dane – Critically-acclaimed bestselling author of the Sweet Justice Series


“Debbie Burke touches all the right bases in her new novel, Stalking Midas, set in and around Northwestern Montana’s Flathead Valley during a biting winter you can feel in every scene. The novel is a study in human frailty, redeemed by the open heart and immense courage of her wounded hero protagonist, Tawny Lindholm (returning from Burke’s 2017 novel, Instrument of the Devil). Battling her own demons, Tawny sets out to help her lawyer-boss’s father get back on his feet after what turns out to be anything than what it seems, leading us into the kind of human darkness that makes the reader scream at the page as Tawny is hurtled toward an inevitable confrontation with redemption. Nothing is spared in this story – murder, torture, racism, sexism, ageism, misogyny, off-the-rails maternity and paternity, heinous fraud and the darkest seeds of human cruelty – all of it woven tightly within a plot that builds and then roars with finality. It’s rare to find narrative terrain this emotionally-resonant, making Stalking Midas a special treat for thriller readers, indeed.” – Larry Brooks, bestselling author of Story Engineering, Darkness Bound, Serpent’s Dance



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