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Good news! Stalking Midas is now available on Amazon in ebook and paperback.

This is book #2 in the Tawny Lindholm Thriller series. If you read the first book, Instrument of the Devil, you may remember Tillman Rosenbaum, the lawyer who saved Tawny from prosecution. In Stalking Midas, Tawny is now working for the demanding but charismatic Tillman and he’s assigned her a daunting challenge.

She must investigate Tillman’s estranged father, Moe, apparently the victim of elder fraud. Cantankerous Moe shows signs of dementia and trusts no one except his nine rescue cats. He stubbornly resists Tawny’s attempts to help him.

As she digs deep in Moe’s secrets, she discovers a multi-million-dollar scam targeting his friends and neighbors. But is Moe an innocent victim or a conniving villain?

While working together, boundaries blur between employee and boss, tempting Tawny and Tillman to step over the line into felony stupid territory.

Meanwhile, a ruthless predator can’t let Tawny find the truth and is closing in for the kill.


What Readers Are Saying about Stalking Midas:

“Nothing is spared in this story – murder, torture, racism, sexism, ageism, and the darkest seeds of human cruelty – all woven tightly within a plot that builds and then roars with finality. It’s rare to find narrative terrain this emotionally-resonant, making Stalking Midas a special treat for thriller readers, indeed.” – Larry Brooks, bestselling author of Darkness Bound. 

Stalking Midas is strong on characterization and witty banter with a chilling villain in a ripped from the headlines compelling plot. A real page turner.” – Jordan Dane, critically-acclaimed bestselling author of the Sweet Justice Series.

“Author Burke excels in engaging characters and clever subplots that intensify the fast pace she sets. As a Librarian Emeritus and eclectic reader . . . I couldn’t put this book down!” – Lin Forrest, Ph.D.


Thank you for your interest in my books! Each one can be read as a standalone but if you’d like to read them in order:

#1 – Instrument of the Devil

#2 – Stalking Midas           


Coming soon: Tawny Lindholm Thriller #3 – Eyes in the Sky.

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