Reading is a Germ-free Activity

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Your spring break trip is canceled. You stay home to avoid crowds. You watched everything interesting on Netflix.

What to do now? You could clean out that junky closet but here’s an alternative that’s more fun:


Reading on Kindle avoids viruses. Reading is a limitless journey to different worlds. Reading expands the mind and increases knowledge.

If you’re like me, your Kindle is a giant collection of TBR (to be read). Now’s the opportunity to catch up.

Looking for a new series? May I humbly suggest Tawny Lindholm Thrillers with a Heart? 


Instrument of the Devil 

“Bulls eye! An exciting thriller with a sympathetic main character and an evil villain who is also disturbingly human.” – Carol Buchanan, Spur Award-winning author

For a limited time, only $.99 at this link.





Stalking Midas

“Strong on characterization and witty banter with a chilling villain in a ripped from the headlines compelling plot. A real page turner.” – Jordan Dane, Critically-acclaimed bestselling author

Available at this link.




Eyes in the Sky 

“Well-plotted and fast-paced, a must read for mystery lovers.” – New York Times Bestseller Kat Martin

Available at this link.




P.S. Wash your hands and please stay healthy! 

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4 Responses to Reading is a Germ-free Activity

  1. Mary Ellen Gosman says:

    We can’t wait for the next Tawny!

  2. Betty says:

    Thanks Deb. Great idea.
    Best wishes for health in 2020.

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