Rain Didn’t Dampen Our Event

photo credit: filip zrnzevic-unsplash

Don’t like the weather in Montana? Wait five minutes–it’ll change!

Normally Labor Day weekend is blistering hot. Not this year.

“Murder and Mystery Under the Big Sky,” a panel discussion with me and fellow Montana authors Leslie Budewitz and Mark Leichliter, was scheduled as an outdoor event on the lawn beside the beautiful Swan River in Bigfork.

Then the rains came.

Fortunately our host, Lake Baked Bakery/Riverview Bar, has a covered patio area with chairs and tables. We huddled under shelter with a small, brave group of readers. The weather actually created a wonderful, intimate camaraderie that felt like a friendly book club. Attendees asked intelligent, penetrating questions. We dug deep into the meaning that stories and books have in today’s crazy world.

Far from a washout, this event became a wonderful opportunity with the sun finally shining.

Thank you to everyone who didn’t let rain dampen a warm, meaningful connection between readers and writers!

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6 Responses to Rain Didn’t Dampen Our Event

  1. Janet Fisher says:

    Debbie, I’m so glad you made the best of the moment, rain or no. Sounds like a wonderful event.

    • DABadmin says:

      Janet, you too had to contend with weather the same day at your Fort Umpqua event. But you made the most of the time you had.

  2. Mary Ellen Gosman says:

    Love it, Deb! Lemonade from lemons. We wouldn’t expect anything less from resourceful Montanans!
    Mea and Jim

  3. Kay DiBianca says:

    What a wonderful opportunity for readers to connect with authors! Wish I could have been there.

    • DABadmin says:

      It really was fun to chat with engaged, interested readers. One of these days we’ll do a joint event, Kay. Wish you didn’t live so far away.

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