Please check out my just-released Tawny Lindholm Thriller #6,  Flight to Forever, now available at this link. 

Here’s what advance reviews say:

Flight to Forever is a visceral thrill-ride from beginning to end, a story that kept me frantically flipping pages. What I love most about this series is the relationship between Tawny and her new husband, Tillman. Tawny’s sweetness paired with Tillman’s playful nature—a gooey center he normally hides beneath cynicism and sarcasm—creates memorable characters whom I’d follow just about anywhere.” – Sue Coletta – bestselling author of thrillers and true crime.

Characters you care about. Happy marriages that feel real. Masterful plotting, zippy dialogue and a majestic Montana setting served up by award-winning author, Debbie Burke. Perfect for readers looking for A+ quality fiction!” – Ruth Harris, NY Times and Amazon bestseller, Romantic Times award winner.


In this action-packed thriller, investigator Tawny Lindholm and her attorney husband Tillman Rosenbaum must help their latest client who’s charged with criminal assault. Vietnam veteran Lou Belmonte always played by the rules but is driven over the edge when he’s not allowed to see his beloved wife of 50 years. He busts her out of a memory care lock-down and injures an off-duty cop during the escape. The aging fugitives flee into remote, treacherous Montana mountains.

Tawny follows, driven to find the couple before the cops do because Lou won’t go down without a fight.

Deep in the wilderness, Tawny learns the hardest truth of all: what’s legal isn’t always right; what’s illegal isn’t always wrong. 

Flight to Forever is now for sale as an ebook here. 

Paperback will soon be available. You can order it from your favorite independent bookstore.


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  1. Congratulations on your launch, Debbie. Excellent series with characters that have drawn me into their lives.

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