My New Book Will Be Published June 23!



This is a virtual bouquet to thank you for reading my books! Wish the lovely lilac fragrance could come through your screen.




My new book, Dead Man’s Bluff, will be published on June 23, 2020. It is the fourth book in the Tawny Lindholm Series Thrillers With A Heart. Here’s a short summary:

Investigator Tawny Lindholm’s plans for a romantic Florida vacation with attorney Tillman Rosenbaum vanish when they’re caught up in Hurricane Irma. Tillman’s beloved coach, Smoky Lido, disappears into the storm, along with a priceless baseball card. Is he dead or on the run from a shady sports memorabilia dealer with a murderous grudge? During a desperate search in snake-infested floodwaters, Tawny becomes the bargaining chip in a high-stakes gamble. The winner lives, the loser dies.

You can read a sneak preview by clicking here.

My husband was in Florida in 2017 during Hurricane Irma and endured five sweltering days without electricity, along with major flooding. I “borrowed” heavily from his real-life experience for this book.

Dead Man’s Bluff is now available for pre-order at the special price of $.99! You can order now and the book will be delivered to your device on June 23. Here’s the link.

Some of you prefer paperback books and those should also be available on June 23, barring shipping delays in these uncertain times. Bad Rock Books in Columbia Falls, Montana will carry paperbacks.

As a writer, there’s nothing more gratifying than hearing from readers who respond to my stories. Your emails and comments make my day. I thank you for your ongoing support and interest in my books.

Hope you enjoy Dead Man’s Bluff!

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4 Responses to My New Book Will Be Published June 23!

  1. Marie F Martin says:

    The new cover is prefect.

    Marie F Martin

  2. Mary Ellen Gosman says:

    Your Toledo Tawny fans are eagerly awaiting Dead Man’s Bluff!We remember the lady in Florida who wrote you that one of your awesome books helped get her through this storm.Your latest will help us get through the Wuhan Virus.Many,many thanks,Talented Friend!God bless.

    • DABadmin says:


      You are sooooo kind! If this book can take your mind off this awful situation for a little while, that’s the best reward I could ever receive!

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