Instrument of the Devil on sale!

Instrument of the Devil is on sale for 99 cents from November 9-16, 2017.

When technophobic widow Tawny Lindholm receives a baffling new smartphone as a gift, a dashing stranger helps her navigate its mysteries. But while romancing her, Kahlil Shahrivar is actually a terrorist who drags her into a plot to sabotage the power grid by cyber-attack on Montana’s Hungry Horse Dam. Soon the feds are chasing her and her family is in jeopardy. Tawny must find a way to turn the instrument back on the devil himself. Otherwise, when the lights go out, she dies.

What readers are saying:

“This is a fabulous, don’t-put-me-down-until-the-last-page book. You will get a behind the scene look at what the evil use of technology can do to your life.”

“Engrossing thriller. Most chilling, it could happen to you.”

“What a great, well-written story. Be warned. It is one that is going to keep you up well past your bedtime.”

“A great mystery with many twists and turns.”

Available on Kindle.

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