Imagine Life Without Electricity

We flip a switch and take for granted the lights work. But what if you flipped the switch and nothing happened?

Headlines in the New York Times , PBS, Reuters, and other media just announced Russian hackers penetrated computers that control the US power grid. We could be keystrokes away from total darkness.

Truth and fiction merge in my thriller Instrument of the Devil when a terrorist infiltrates Montana’s Hungry Horse Dam in his quest to bring down the electrical grid. Tawny Lindholm is a small-town widow caught in his web of technological deceit. Soon the feds are chasing her and her family is in peril. Armed with only her wits, can Tawny stop the evil plot before it destroys the grid and her life?

When I researched this novel in 2014-15, the theory that cyberattacks could destroy electrical infrastructure was just that—theory.

Today, the threat is a reality.

Instrument of the Devil is available on Amazon.

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