I Would Dye For You


What would you do for a friend? Would you dye for him/her?

Yeah, I mean it the way I spelled it. Because that’s exactly what my dear friend, author Dr. Betty Kuffel, did for me.

Tawny Lindholm, the hero of my suspense novel, Instrument of the Devil, has long auburn hair that she French-braids. For the cover design, I visualized a smartphone in a man’s hand, with a photo of Tawny filling the screen because she is being monitored constantly by the antagonist in his nefarious terrorist plot.

I didn’t want a face shot that predetermined Tawny’s looks, preferring to let readers fill in those details with their imaginations. Instead, the photo would be from behind, showing Tawny’s French braid.

Next problem: how to find a model with an auburn French braid?

The net? Found a perfect shot on Google Images. Even though it indicated free usage, I worried about copyright problems and couldn’t figure out how to contact the photographer and/or model for permission.

A wig? Expensive and no rent-a-wig shops in town.

While discussing the dilemma at a party, Betty piped up, “I can French-braid my hair. I’ll even dye it.”

Wow! Betty would color her lovely corn silk hair to model for the cover. What a pal!

I’m proud to say my friend Betty dyed for me.

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