Fun Flash Fiction (Sorta Based on True Story)

My flash fiction story “Invisible” was just published in Killer Nashville Magazine.

Photo credit: Bluesbby at Flickr
CC by 2.0 DEED

We crime writers really should be more careful what we talk about and who can overhear us.

The idea for this story was born out of a coffee shop date with two writer friends and me. A few fictional flourishes were added just for fun.

Hope the story makes you smile.

Here’s the link to Killer Nashville Magazine.ย 


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9 Responses to Fun Flash Fiction (Sorta Based on True Story)

  1. Sue Ann Connaughton says:

    Debbie, fun story. I think the invisibility factor does increase once you reach a certain maturity. My motto is to take advantage of the situation–just think of all you can get away with when you’re invisible.

  2. Janet Fisher says:

    Fun story! Got a chuckle out of me.

  3. Debbie Burke says:

    Thanks, Kay. My writing friends and I can get in all sorts of trouble.

  4. Betty Kuffel says:

    Great job. For some reason, the story sounds familiar. Murder discussions should be done in a bar.
    BTW, I loved your purple hair.

  5. Kay DiBianca says:

    Great story! I loved it, and congrats on having it published in KN Magazine!

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