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Only $.99 October 7-11, 2021

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What’s legal isn’t always right. What’s illegal isn’t always wrong. 

Nobody tells Lou Belmonte he can’t hug his wife of 50 years. When pandemic regulations prevent him from visiting his beloved Cameo in a memory care lockdown, he busts her out, assaulting two employees who try to stop him. The couple flees to a remote fire lookout in Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness.

Their daughter begs for help from investigator Tawny Lindholm and her criminal defense attorney husband, Tillman Rosenbaum. They’re in a race to find the aging fugitives before the cops do because Vietnam veteran Lou won’t go down without a fight.

Flight to Forever is a visceral thrill-ride from beginning to end, a story that kept me frantically flipping pages.” – Bestselling thriller and true crime author Sue Coletta

“Masterful plotting, zippy dialogue and a majestic Montana setting. A+ quality fiction.” – NYT bestseller Ruth Harris

“A thriller, drama, and heart breaker all wrapped up in one superb story.” – Five star review 

Only $.99!   



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