Exciting News!

Last May, I entered DEEP FAKE DOUBLE DOWN in a major contest sponsored by Publisher’s Weekly BookLife.

I just learned DEEP FAKE DOUBLE DOWN made the quarterfinals!

Here’s a link showing my book at the top of the list.

I’m delighted to make it this far–the semifinals and finals are still ahead.

The winner will be announced December 15 and awarded a $5000 prize. 

Please keep your fingers crossed for me! 

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10 Responses to Exciting News!

  1. Looks like you made it through to the semi-finals (so far) with Deep Fake Double Down. I’m so proud of you, Debbie. I am crossing my fingers and toes for you. You are very deserving, and I’m hoping your book will go all the way. I’m going to keep watching until the end! This is great news!

  2. Janet Fisher says:

    Congratulations, Debbie, and good luck!

  3. Kay DiBianca says:

    Congratulations Debbie! Well-deserved recognition for a great book. The judges’ comments are evidence of the great job you did with this one.

    Looking forward to the next round!

    • DABadmin says:

      Kay, the research was fascinating but also scary. Deep fakes make us doubt what we see. Thanks for your kind remarks!

  4. Debbie,

    Congratulations! The judges editorial comments are spot on. Deep Fake Deep Down deserves the recognition. Good luck.

  5. Deborah D Epperson says:

    Yahoo! Way to go, Debbie. I loved the book and so will they.
    Keeping fingers, eyes, and everything crossed for you.

    • DABadmin says:

      Deb, please uncross your eyes–I’m getting a headache thinking about that 😉

      Kidding aside, thanks so much for your encouragement as we bump along this often-potholed journey together.

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