Cruising the Adriatic Sea with Instrument of the Devil

Jon on the high seas

Jon, an adventurous reader, took my thriller Instrument of the Devil on an extended sailing cruise. This morning, he sent beautiful photos from Split, Croatia and also shared the book with shipmate Dina. A big thank you to Jon and Dina! I’m so glad you both enjoyed the story!

Here’s Jon on the high seas.

And here’s Dina.   

Split, Croatia. Image purchased from Shutterstock


Only my book accompanied them, not me personally (darn!). To see what I missed, I researched Split, Croatia. What an exquisite town on the Adriatic Sea, rich with history. According to Wikipedia, it was founded as a Greek colony in the second or third century BC and later became part of the Roman Empire. In the fourth century AD, a fortress known as Diocletian’s Palace was erected and still stands today, along with more than 200 other buildings from that era.

Next trip, I want to go!



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  1. Mary Ellen Ellen Gosman says:

    Great reading!
    Great trip!

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