Coming Soon – CROWDED HEARTS, a New Novella

Cover by Brian Hoffman

Loyal readers are solid gold.

Photo credit: Kotavilo, Creative Commons

I’m grateful to many of you who have followed the four books of my series, Tawny Lindholm Thrillers with a Heart. You welcomed Tawny (and Tillman Rosenbaum) into your homes and consider them friends…or, sometimes in Tillman’s case, the guy you love to hate!




Spoiler alert: Tawny and Tillman are getting married…maybe. I didn’t plan to write a wedding story but a number of readers asked for it. And I always listen to my readers!

The result is a novella called Crowded Hearts. It’s different from the rest of the books in the series–no crimes or murders, but plenty of suspense.

Crowded Hearts will soon be released in ebook. It will be FREE on Amazon as a THANK YOU for your interest and loyal support.

Award-winning historical author Janet Fisher was a fabulous beta reader who helped shape the story and came up with a perfect twist at the end. She wrote a lovely post about Crowded Hearts on her blog, which is available at this link:

Watch for publication soon of Crowded Hearts, A Novella.

Thank you for reading my books!


  1. Congratulations on another great story, Debbie, and thanks for the mention.

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