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At six-seven, charismatic attorney Tillman Rosenbaum owns any courtroom he enters. He’s brilliant, successful, and doesn’t trust anyone, except his lovely new investigator, Tawny Lindholm. She has an intuitive gift with people and her outspoken honesty and unflinching integrity have opened Tillman’s soft underbelly. When he suspects his wealthy, estranged father, Moe, is a victim of elder fraud, he knows only one person who can break through to the stubborn, secretive man.
Tawny is broke from her late husband’s medical bills and desperate to keep her job, even though her boss is the rudest, most arrogant man she’s ever met. With his James Earl Jones’ voice, he’s also sexy as hell and Tillman’s loyalty to his father touches Tawny.
But as she digs deep into Moe’s layers of deceit, she wonders if he is the victim of a million-dollar scam or the villain behind it.
Neither Tawny nor Tillman realize the danger he’s sent her into…until it’s too late.


Elder fraud became personal when my adopted mother was victimized. Read about shocking lessons I learned in my article published by Montana Senior News

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