Hold onto your beach chair as you get lost in a gripping summer read: Instrument of the Devil, award-winning thriller ripped from today’s headlines. Tawny Lindholm, a tour guide at Montana’s Hungry Horse Dam, doesn’t know her smartphone has been hijacked by charming Kahlil Sharivar, a terrorist who romances her while snaring her in his diabolical plot… Continue reading

Chance Meeting with History

I never expected to come face to face with history in an airport shuttle bus.   My plane out of JFK was late taking off, causing many passengers, including me, to miss our connections. At 10:30 p.m. on a Sunday night, a bunch of us wound up marooned in Salt… Continue reading

Who’s Watching You?

Recent headlines confirm we’re being monitored through our smart devices, internet searches, and social media. What if a terrorist used those tools to take control of an innocent woman’s life? In Instrument of the Devil, Tawny Lindholm learns the frightening answer to that question. Vulnerable and lonely after her husband’s death, Tawny finds hope in a… Continue reading