Books, Food, and Friends

Marie Martin, Karen Wills, Dr. Betty Kuffel, and Debbie Burke

What a great way to spend a hot July afternoon!

Bad Rock Books recently hosted a lovely signing for four Montana authors. Debbie Burke, Karen Wills, Marie Martin, and Dr. Betty Kuffel chatted with old friends and new readers.

Betty sets up yummy refreshments

Visitors dropped in to share adventures about hikes, bike rides, and raft trips in Glacier Park…and sought leisure reading after all their strenuous activities!


Bad Rock Books, Columbia Falls, MT



Bad Rock Books is a delightful shop where you can browse more than 30,000 beautifully displayed used books, along with new selections from local authors.


Resident librarian Bailey snoozes after a busy day greeting customers. A book bag makes a good pillow!



If you’re in Columbia Falls, stop by and check out this must-see destination for readers.

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  1. Mary Ellen Gosman says:

    We can imagine this was a really enjoyable day.What better way to pass your time, than chatting with creative,interesting people about their work ,in our favorite shopping location- a book store!Looks all that fun wore Bailey out!

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