3, 2, 1…BLAST OFF

Today is launch day for my novel, Instrument of the Devil.

Ever wonder if your smartphone is possessed by a demonic force? If so, you might identify with Tawny Lindholm, a recent widow grappling with a new cell she believes was a gift. In fact, she’s targeted by a terrorist who’s using her phone to launch a cyberattack on the power grid. Charismatic and treacherous, he draws the her into romance while setting her up as a scapegoat. Soon her family is in jeopardy and the feds are after her. If she doesn’t uncover the truth in time, when the lights go out, she dies.

Instrument of the Devil is available on Amazon Kindle here.


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One Response to 3, 2, 1…BLAST OFF

  1. Betty says:

    Great book, Deb! Great characters.
    I’m ready for the next one. Can hardly wait.

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