Instrument of the Devil


Instrument of the Devil is available at Amazon. Here’s the link.

A dashing terrorist targets the electrical grid, framing a small-town widow.

Tawny Lindholm only wants to live a quiet life in Montana, recovering from the death of her husband, and hoping to find solace with a handsome widower she just met. But nothing is as it appears when she receives a new smartphone that does everything except make a call. Mysterious cash appears in her bank account and surveillance video shows her making deposits she knows she didn’t make. While the feds suspect her of illegal activity, her son, a soldier serving in Afghanistan, is kidnapped and held for ransom. Can Tawny save him? Or will unseen tentacles of a terrorist plot destroy her?





Hungry Horse Dam, Montana

Hungry Horse Dam ca. 1980

Instrument of the Devil is set against the backdrop of Hungry Horse Dam in Montana. A cyber-attack by terrorists on the electrical grid could be as real as today’s headlines.

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